Azura Quilalea Weather Forecast

Azura at Quilalea is hot and humid year round, with long sunny days and temperatures rarely below 24 degrees day and night. Trade winds do bring cooling breezes, North Easterly from October to March with the chance of some showers, and the slightly stronger but dry South Easterly trade wind from April to September. Our villas are positioned to take best advantage of the natural breezes.

Rainy season: ‘Mango Rains’ commence in late October, bringing occasional light showers. Jan – March are hot and humid months, where temperatures often hit 35 degrees+, with tropical rainbursts, most often in the late afternoons or overnight bringing welcome relief from the heat. April to October are normally hot and dry months.

Weather patterns globally are changing, and rains in the past couple of years have become more unpredictable, with the rainy season having become shorter and later most recently. This is however no predictor of future weather patterns! The water temperature is warm year round and ranges from 28-32 degrees +.